Compress a Video

You've made it! You've completed a video and it is awesome! Some might even say, pure genius? The process to enter iVIE is super simple. First, however, I'm assuming that you already have read the iVIE Categories, iVIE Rules and maybe have even used some of our resources in the process of making your video. Now you should know about a few important dates and requirements...

iVIE Important Dates

iVIE Movie Requirements

Do NOT upload.

Guidelines for Specific Editing Software

Apple iMovie

If you have version 8.0 or later: choose share; and select the High setting and 640 x 480.
If you have an older version, when you export look for the 640 x 480 format and/or MPEG4; use High setting.

Apple Final Cut Pro

Choose Export - Quick Time Conversion (not Quick Time movie). Make File Format MP4 (not MP4 (ISMA)). Choose Basic or improved MPEG4. Choose 640 x 480 VGA.

Adobe Flash

Export from Flash to a Quick Time movie; choose MPEG4 format.

Sony Vegas

You must have Quicktime installed on the computer your rendering your video with. To render in Vegas, select File -> Render on the Vegas Menu Bad. Then select file type "MainConcept AVC/AAC" and then next to the "Default Template" drop down menu, select the "Custom" button. Then select the video rendering quality on the "Project" tab as "Best." Then under the "Video" tab, on "Frame Size" select "NTSC Square Pixel (640x480)." Afterwards, check the check box saying "Allow source to adjust frame size" as well as the check box below that saying "Allow source to adjust frame rate." Ensure that all settings are correct and then render video. You might want to save the "Custom Template" you've just created if you are entering more than one video to iVIE.

Adobe Premiere

If you have Premier 2 you export your movie to Quick time. Choose MPEG4 and enter the 640 x 480 settings.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Export your movie to Quick time. Choose MPEG4 and enter the 640 x 480 settings.